Release notes

Vispy 0.4

There have been many changes, which include:

  • minor tweaks and bugfixes to gloo
  • experimental support for "collections" (batched GL draw calls)
  • many new Visuals (Volume, Isocurve, etc.)
  • improvements and extensions of the SceneGraph system
  • proper HiDPI support
  • an experimental native high-level plotting interface vispy.plot

Vispy 0.3

Many changes:

  • Added multiple new application backends, including a IPython browser backend.
  • Experimental support for high-level visualizations through 'vispy.scene` and vispy.scene.visuals.
  • Experimental support for matplotlib plotting through vispy.mpl_plot.
  • Loads of bugfixes.

Vispy 0.2.1

Small fix in the setup script. The buf prevented pip from working.

Vispy 0.2

In this release we focussed on improving and finalizing the object oriented OpenGL interface vispy.gloo. Some major (backward incompatible) changes were done. However, from this release we consider the vispy.gloo package relatively stable and we try to minimize backward incompatibilities.

Changes in more detail:

  • vispy.oogl is renamed to vispy.gloo
  • is moved to since most users will use gloo to interface with OpenGL.
  • Improved (and thus changed) several parts of the gloo API.
  • Some parts of gloo were refactored and should be more robust.
  • Much better coverage of the test suite.
  • Compatibility with Python 2.6 (Jerome Kieffer)
  • More examples and a gallery on the website to show them off.

Vispy 0.1.0

First release. We have an initial version of the object oriented interface to OpenGL, called vispy.oogl.