Charter for the VisPy Organization#

This is the organizational charter for the VisPy Organization (the “Organization”). By adding their name to the Steering file, Steering Committee members agree as follows.

1. Mission#

The VisPy organization’s mission is to provide libraries and tools that allow for high-performance interactive 2D and 3D scientific visualizations.

2. Steering Committee#

2.1 Purpose. The Steering Committee will be responsible for all technical oversight, project approval and oversight, policy oversight, and trademark management for the Organization.

2.2 Composition. The Steering Committee voting members are listed in the file in the repository. Voting members may be added or removed by no less than 3/4 affirmative vote of the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will appoint a Chair responsible for organizing Steering Committee activity.

3. Voting#

3.1. Decision Making. The Steering Committee will strive for all decisions to be made by consensus. While explicit agreement of the entire Steering Committee is preferred, it is not required for consensus. Rather, the Steering Committee will determine consensus based on their good faith consideration of a number of factors, including the dominant view of the Steering Committee and nature of support and objections. The Steering Committee will document evidence of consensus in accordance with these requirements. If consensus cannot be reached, the Steering Committee will make the decision by a vote.

3.2. Voting. The Steering Committee Chair will call a vote with reasonable notice to the Steering Committee, setting out a discussion period and a separate voting period. Any discussion may be conducted in person or electronically by text, voice, or video. The discussion will be open to the public. In any vote, each voting representative will have one vote. Except as specifically noted elsewhere in this Charter, decisions by vote require a simple majority vote of all voting members.

4. Termination of Membership#

In addition to the method set out in section 2.2, the membership of a Steering Committee member will terminate if any of the following occur:

4.1 Resignation. Written notice of resignation to the Steering Committee.

4.2 Unreachable Member. If a member is unresponsive at its listed handle for more than three months the Steering Committee may vote to remove the member.

5. Trademarks#

Any names, trademarks, service marks, logos, mascots, or similar indicators of source or origin and the goodwill associated with them arising out of the Organization’s activities or Organization projects’ activities (the “Marks”), are controlled by the Organization. Steering Committee members may only use the Marks in accordance with the Organization’s trademark policy. If a Steering Committee member is terminated or removed from the Steering Committee, any rights the Steering Committee member may have in the Marks revert to the Organization.

6. Antitrust Policy#

The Steering Committee is bound by the Organization’s antitrust policy.

7. No Confidentiality#

Information disclosed in connection with any of the Organization’s activities, including but not limited to meetings, Contributions, and submissions, is not confidential, regardless of any markings or statements to the contrary.

8. Project Criteria#

In order to be eligible to be a Organization project, a project must:

9. Amendments#

Amendments to this charter, the antitrust policy, the trademark policy, or the code of conduct may only be made with at least a 3/4 affirmative vote of the Steering Committee.

Part of MVG-0.1-beta. Made with love by GitHub. Licensed under the CC-BY 4.0 License.