vispy.scene.cameras.arcball module#

class vispy.scene.cameras.arcball.ArcballCamera(fov=45.0, distance=None, translate_speed=1.0, **kwargs)#

Bases: Base3DRotationCamera

3D camera class that orbits around a center point while maintaining a view on a center point.

For this camera, the scale_factor indicates the zoom level, and the center indicates the position to put at the center of the view.


Field of view. Zero (default) means orthographic projection.

distancefloat | None

The distance of the camera from the rotation point (only makes sense if fov > 0). If None (default) the distance is determined from the scale_factor and fov.


Scale factor on translation speed when moving the camera center point.


Keyword arguments to pass to BaseCamera.



  • LMB: orbits the view around its center point.

  • RMB or scroll: change scale_factor (i.e. zoom level)

  • SHIFT + LMB: translate the center point

  • SHIFT + RMB: change FOV