vispy.visuals.rectangle module

Simple ellipse visual based on PolygonVisual

class vispy.visuals.rectangle.RectangleVisual(center=None, color='black', border_color=None, border_width=1, height=1.0, width=1.0, radius=[0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0], **kwargs)

Bases: vispy.visuals.polygon.PolygonVisual

Displays a 2D rectangle with optional rounded corners


Center of the rectangle

colorinstance of Color

The fill color to use.

border_colorinstance of Color

The border color to use.


Border width in pixels. Line widths > 1px are only guaranteed to work when using border_method=’agg’ method.


Length of the rectangle along y-axis Defaults to 1.0


Length of the rectangle along x-axis Defaults to 1.0

radiusfloat | array

Radii of curvatures of corners in clockwise order from top-left Defaults to 0.


Keyword arguments to pass to PolygonVisual.

property center

The center of the ellipse

property height

The height of the rectangle.

property radius

The radius of curvature of rounded corners.

property width

The width of the rectangle.