vispy.scene.widgets.anchor module#

class vispy.scene.widgets.anchor.Anchor(parent=None, name=None, transforms=None)#

Bases: Node

Anchor is a node derives parts of its transform from some other coordinate system in the scene.

The purpose is to allow children of an Anchor to draw using a position (and optionally rotation) specified by one coordinate system, and scaling/ projection specified by another.

For example, text attached to a point in a 3D scene should be drawn in a coordinate system with a simple relationship to the screen pixels, but should derive its location from a position within the 3D coordinate system:

root = Box()
view = ViewBox(parent=box)
plot = LineVisual(parent=ViewBox)
anchor = Anchor(parent=root, anchor_to=plot, anchor_pos=(10, 0))
text = Text(parent=anchor,
            text="Always points to (10,0) relative to line.")