vispy.visuals.collections.util module#

vispy.visuals.collections.util.dtype_reduce(dtype, level=0, depth=0)#

Try to reduce dtype up to a given level when it is possible.


>>> dtype =  [ ('vertex',  [('x', 'f4'), ('y', 'f4'), ('z', 'f4')]),
...            ('normal',  [('x', 'f4'), ('y', 'f4'), ('z', 'f4')]),
...            ('color',   [('r', 'f4'), ('g', 'f4'), ('b', 'f4'),
...                         ('a', 'f4')])]

level 0 result:

['color,vertex,normal,', 10, 'float32']

level 1 result:

[['color', 4, 'float32']
 ['normal', 3, 'float32']
 ['vertex', 3, 'float32']]
vispy.visuals.collections.util.fetchcode(utype, prefix='')#

Generate the GLSL code needed to retrieve fake uniform values from a texture.


Texture to fetch uniforms from

uniforms_shape: vec3

Size of texture (width,height,count) where count is the number of float to be fetched.

collection_index: float

Attribute giving the index of the uniforms to be fetched. This index relates to the index in the uniform array from python side.