vispy.testing.rendered_array_tester module#

Test utilities for comparing rendered arrays with expected array results.

vispy.testing.rendered_array_tester.compare_render(orig_data: ndarray, rendered_data: ndarray, previous_render: ndarray | None = None, atol: float | None = 1.0)#

Compare an expected original array with the rendered result.


Expected output result array. This will be converted to an RGBA array to be compared against the rendered data.


Actual rendered result as an RGBA 8-bit unsigned array.


Previous instance of a render that the current render should not be equal to.


Absolute tolerance to be passed to numpy.testing.assert_allclose().

vispy.testing.rendered_array_tester.make_rgba(data_in: ndarray) ndarray#

Convert any array to an RGBA array.

RGBA arrays have 3 dimensions where the last represents the channels. If an Alpha channel needs to be added it will be made completely opaque.

3D RGBA unsigned 8-bit array
vispy.testing.rendered_array_tester.max_for_dtype(input_dtype: Any)#

Get maximum value an image array should have for a specific dtype.

This is max int for each integer type or 1.0 for floating point types.