vispy.visuals.filters.base_filter module#

class vispy.visuals.filters.base_filter.BaseFilter#

Bases: object

Superclass for all filters.

class vispy.visuals.filters.base_filter.Filter(vcode=None, vhook='post', vpos=5, fcode=None, fhook='post', fpos=5)#

Bases: BaseFilter

Base class for all filters that use fragment and/or vertex shaders.

vcodestr | Function | None

Vertex shader code. If None, vhook and vpos will be ignored.

vhook{‘pre’, ‘post’}

Hook name to attach the vertex shader to.


Position in the hook to attach the vertex shader.

fcodestr | Function | None

Fragment shader code. If None, fhook and fpos will be ignored.

fhook{‘pre’, ‘post’}

Hook name to attach the fragment shader to.


Position in the hook to attach the fragment shader.

vshaderFunction | None

Vertex shader.

fshaderFunction | None

Fragment shader.

property attached#