vispy.visuals.markers module

Marker Visual and shader definitions.

class vispy.visuals.markers.MarkersVisual(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: vispy.visuals.visual.Visual

Visual displaying marker symbols.

set_data(pos=None, symbol='o', size=10.0, edge_width=1.0, edge_width_rel=None, edge_color='black', face_color='white', scaling=False)[source]

Set the data used to display this visual.


The array of locations to display each symbol.


The style of symbol to draw (see Notes).

sizefloat or array

The symbol size in px.

edge_widthfloat | None

The width of the symbol outline in pixels.

edge_width_relfloat | None

The width as a fraction of marker size. Exactly one of edge_width and edge_width_rel must be supplied.

edge_colorColor | ColorArray

The color used to draw each symbol outline.

face_colorColor | ColorArray

The color used to draw each symbol interior.


If set to True, marker scales when rezooming.


Allowed style strings are: disc, arrow, ring, clobber, square, diamond, vbar, hbar, cross, tailed_arrow, x, triangle_up, triangle_down, and star.

property symbol