vispy.visuals.windbarb module#

Windbarb Visual and shader definitions.

class vispy.visuals.windbarb.WindbarbVisual(**kwargs)#

Bases: Visual

Visual displaying windbarbs.

set_data(pos=None, wind=None, trig=True, size=50.0, antialias=1.0, edge_width=1.0, edge_color='black', face_color='white')#

Set the data used to display this visual.


The array of locations to display each windbarb.


The array of wind vector components to display each windbarb. in m/s. For knots divide by two.


True - wind contains (mag, ang) False - wind contains (u, v) defaults to True

sizefloat or array

The windbarb size in px.


The antialiased area (in pixels).

edge_widthfloat | None

The width of the windbarb outline in pixels.

edge_colorColor | ColorArray

The color used to draw each symbol outline.

face_colorColor | ColorArray

The color used to draw each symbol interior.